The serious shortage of schools in Gauteng

At the start of the school year in January 2018, 30 000 learners in Gauteng were left unsure of where they would be placed, leaving students and parents concerned and confused.

How did this happen?

The facts speak for themselves

Although Gauteng’s population has grown by 40% since 2000, the number of public schools has only increased by under 10% for the same period.

There’s also room for improvement in existing schools, 70% of which don’t have a science laboratory, and 40% of which don’t have a stocked library.

In 2014, it was already estimated that the province had a shortage of 160 schools. According to Paul Colditz of The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (Fedsas), at least 200 more schools would need to be built to accommodate these learners.

Who is to blame?

The Gauteng placement issue has become somewhat of a blame game, with many fingers pointing towards the Gauteng Education Department for not making enough provision to accommodate all learners.

Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi blames overly-stretched resources and funds for the lack of school placements. It remains to be seen what will happen come January 2019…   

Part of the problem could be attributed to schools’ high debt ratios, incurred because some parents simply can’t afford to pay the fees. This is why School-Days® is revolutionising the way South Africans meet their school fee obligations. By providing members with a dedicated Education Bursary, School-Days helps parents save towards the high cost of education – simply by doing their everyday shopping!

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