Read if you dare: This is how much SA’s most expensive schools will cost in 2025

You may be surprised to hear that most of South Africa’s elite private schools have extensive waiting lists of parents willing to pay a premium for school fees. But as the fees climb higher and higher every year, some of them could be starting to feel the pinch.

Here’s a look at the annual 2018 fees for some of the most expensive schools in South Africa, compared to what the fees could be in 2025.*

#1: Hilton College, Hilton

Current Fees: R272 685

2025 Fee Estimate: R437 000


#2: Michaelhouse, Balgowan

Current Fees: R265 680

2025 Fee Estimate: R373 588


#3: St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown

Current Fees: R252 990

2025 Fee Estimate: R372 930


#4: Kearsney College, Botha’s Hill

Current Fees: R242 220

2025 Fee Estimate: R338 555


#5: St Stithians College, Sandton

Current Fees: R232 640

2025 Fee Estimate: R383 452


#6: Herschel Girls’ School, Cape Town:

Current Fees: R190 150

2025 Fee Estimate: R284 033

All of the above are private schools, but some government schools are also heading for annual fees above the R100 000 mark in the next few years, such as Glenwood in Durban (current annual fees of R47 100), Wynberg Boys’ High in Cape Town (R42 800), and Parktown High School for Girls in Johannesburg (R39 125).

2025 is only six years away – it’s the year that this year’s Grade Twos will enter high school. Private or public, school fees will continue to increase year-on-year, and salaries don’t always keep up. That’s why School-Days® is giving you hope for the future, helping you set aside prepaid school days for your child’s education. Visit to find out more about this revolutionary initiative.

*The 2025 figures are estimates based on the average annual percentage increase in fees for each school.


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