How to identify your child’s learning style  

How does your child learn best?

The way your child processes experiences depends, to some extent, on their preferred learning style. Identifying this learning style can be key to improving your child’s social and academic performance. The three learning styles are:

  1. Visual
  2. Kinaesthetic
  3. Auditory

Clues to identify your child’s learning style 

You can observe your child’s preferences from an early age to help identify his or her prominent learning style.

Characteristics of the visual learner 

  • Cares for possessions
  • Likes things to look orderly and tidy
  • Content to be alone
  • Enjoys books and art

Characteristics of the kinaesthetic learner 

  • Enjoys social settings and group play
  • Likes active interests

Characteristics of the auditory learner 

  • Starts speaking early and uses a wide vocabulary
  • Loves music and singing
  • Prefers to spend quality time with one friend at a time

Once you have an idea which learning style your child prefers (you can also have a professional assessment done), you can read up about the best ways to help them thrive and learn. But remember – even though your child shows a preference for one style, the others shouldn’t be neglected. Learning should still be a multisensory experience.

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