In Celebration of South African Women

Today, South Africans celebrate National Women’s Day, a commemoration of August 9, 1956, when women participated in a national march against pass laws.

Over 20,000 women of all races and ages from all over the country marched together to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in protest of the pass laws that required black people to carry a document on them to prove they were allowed to enter a ‘white area’ during the Apartheid regime.

South Africa recognises the bravery of these women on National Women’s Day.  

We’d like to recognise, acknowledge and commend all the women out there who are still fighting for good, no matter how small the scale – the mom who does some extra work on the side to send her kids to a better school, the daughter who cares for her aging parents, the sister who is always there for her sibling, the citizen who gives of her time to help those in need, the individual who works hard every day at being the best version of herself that she can be. 

We asked you: what makes you proud to be a woman?

This is what you had to say: 

Judy MacGregor: “I’m proud to be a mother – for me, that’s the biggest benefit of being a woman.”

Choene Kolobe: “I’m proud to be a woman due to the fact that I love my self. I’m strong, I appreciate who I am, and most all I am a good wife and mother to my so #MyOwn👑Queen.”

Phindi Mtshali: “To be a woman, it’s more than being a pillar of strength in your family. You are lighter, you create fire, give that warmth, shining through the darkness, always shining bright for guidance. You turn the cold house to be warm and comfortable without having worked very hard, but because you pray hard and believes it going to be okay. I am a lighter, I am a woman.”

Michelle Mysell shared her favourite verse from Proverbs 3:15 – “She is far more precious than rubies”.

Precious Buthelezi shared a quote by Maya Angelou: “Each time a women stands up for herself, she stands up for ALL women.” Her message to the women of South Africa is: “We must not be conformed to the patterns of this world. We need to be comfortable in the colour of our skin, the texture of our hair and the curve of our bodies.”

Precious is proud to be a woman, and her go-to ‘girl power’ songs are ‘This is My Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten and ‘Something Inside So Strong’ by Lira and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

Thank you to all these amazing women for sharing their wise and inspiring words – we salute every single one of you!

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