So, Who Was Smarter Than a School Kid?

We recently ran an exciting competition on HeartFM, a Cape Town-based radio station focused on making genuine connections with the Cape Town community. Being featured on Aden Thomas’ Heart Breakfast show was a natural fit for School-Days, and we couldn’t wait to give five Capetonians the chance to win R5,000 for their family’s education AND a R5,000 shopping voucher from Exact. 

How the competition worked: 

HeartFM listeners could register to play the ‘Are you smarter than a school kid?’ game, which took place every morning the week of 7 October to 11 October. A participant was randomly selected, and the radio station would call them live on air to answer a set of five questions from a specific school grade. If they answered all the questions correctly, they would win a R5,000 shopping voucher from Exact; and – if they were a School-Days member – they would also get R5,000 worth of school fees added to their School-Days bursary to help pay the fees at any registered school, college or university.

The lucky winners 

Monday’s winner was Erin Dreyden. “I feel excited about winning and I am very happy about the R5,000 bursary,” Erin said, “I don’t have children, but I’m using the bursary money to help pay for my own honours degree which I’ve decided to do next year, part-time. The R5000 in school fees is a huge weight off my shoulders as I am unemployed.”

Alexandrea van Roodt was our Wednesday winner. She heard about School-Days on the Heart FM Breakfast Show with Aden Thomas. Alexandrea has two boys aged 9 and 13, and she decided to enter the competition to help subsidise their school costs.

“We entered on a whim, but we’re excited to be able to add this amount towards schooling costs,” Alexandrea says, “It means a bit of financial relief and the opportunity to build a fund for our boys to use as we/they need for schooling.”

As the week progressed, we had two more School-Days members win a total prize worth R10,000 each – on Thursday 10 October, Liezel Arendse proved that she was ‘smarter than a school kid’; and on Friday 11 October, Malika Abrahams did the same. 

Did you miss this one? 

Don’t worry; we’re running an exciting giveaway that could see you get 200 days – a whole year’s worth! – of school fees. All you need to do is join School-Days (if you haven’t already) and shop at one of our Partners before 31 December.

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Are you smarter than a school kid? 

Here are some examples of the questions that were asked. Let’s see if you’re smarter than a school kid!

Grade 1

  1. Which shape does not have points?
  2. Which fruit rhymes with ape?
  3. What appears in the sky after it rains?
  4. In which season do flowers bloom?
  5. Which animated character is a dinosaur from a kid’s imagination?

Grade 5

  1. From which country do k-pop stars come? 
  2. Which pop-star was once Justin Bieber’s girlfriend? 
  3. What is SA’s national rugby team called?
  4. On which social media platform can you only send a message in 280 characters? 
  5. What is a baby horse called?

Grade 7

  • Where is the original Disneyland located?
  • What is the geometric theory used to calculate the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle?
  • What does Beyoncé call her fans?
  • What do you call animals that only eat greenery?
  • What is 12 multiplied by 12?

So, how did you do?

Grade 1

  1. Circle
  2. Grape
  3. A rainbow
  4. Spring
  5. Barney

Grade 5

  1. Korea
  2. Selena Gomez
  3. The Springboks
  4. Twitter
  5. A foal

Grade 7

  1. California
  2. The Theory of Pythagoras
  3. The Bee-Hive
  4. Herbivores
  5. 144

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