End-of-Year Teacher’s Gifting Made Easy

Bid the end of the school year farewell and thank your child’s teacher for all their efforts throughout the year with a thank-you gift. 

But before you start kissing that end-of-year bonus goodbye, remember that a teacher’s end-of-year gift need not break the bank. As with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts! 

Get your child involved  

It’s not entirely up to you to choose or create a gift for your child’s teacher; after all, you’re not the one they’ve been spending all that time with! Getting your child involved makes the gifting more personal, gets the creativity flowing and can teach your child about budgeting. For example, you can give your child a budget and let her choose the gift, or encourage her to think creatively about a gift that she can make at home.  

Here are some ideas for the best end-of-year teacher’s gifts that won’t break the bank 

#1 Thank-you note 

A thank-you note from you and your child is a simple and heartfelt way to show your appreciation. In your note, be sure to include specifics about the things your child’s teacher has done for him – perhaps the teacher fostered a specific interest in your child? Maybe they helped him grasp a concept he’d been struggling with?  

If your child is too young to write a note of their own, he or she can create an artwork that you can attach to your note. 

#2 DIY Pamper packs 

Have your child select some ‘smellies’ and spoils to create a teacher’s pamper pack. The pamper pack could include items such as soap, body wash, hand cream, lip balm, a candle, bubble bath etc.  

#3 For the teacher who loves their tea or coffee fix  

If your child’s teacher is a tea- or coffee-lover, consider filling a mug or travel cup with yummy chocolates, special tea or coffee, or the teacher’s favourite treat.  

#4 Summer holiday kit 

Teachers will certainly be looking forward to a summer break, so you can your child can put together a summer holiday kit for fun in the sun. Ideas for items to include: a beach towel, sun hat, flip-flops, umbrella, colourful plastic cup, or a beach bag.  

#5 Make your own gift wrap  

There’s no need to spend extra on wrapping paper; rather, have your child create their own. This brings a personal touch and can be a lot of fun too! Some ideas: 

  • Newspaper tied with colourful ribbons 
  • Hand-drawn or hand-painted Kraft paper or newspaper  
  • Using stamps (or any item that creates a pattern) on Kraft paper or newspaper  
  • A cleaned and decorated jar, tin or container (like an ice-cream tub) 

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