Christmas Traditions Around the World – How Do You Celebrate the Season?

“Dashing through the snow, In a one-horse open sleigh. O’er the fields we go, laughing all the way. Bells on bob tails ring, making spirits bright. What fun it is to laugh and sing a sleighing song tonight.”

The familiar lyrics don’t quite ‘ring a bell’ in the South African context, where Christmas is more about braais, sun and sand!

In this blog post, we look at Christmas traditions around the world, and how they differ to how your family may celebrate the season. We also reveal some summer of Dis-Chem’s best bursary-building deals for the South African festive season.

A big ol’ bucket for Christmas?

Since the Christian population of Japan is relatively small, Christmas remains largely a novelty, with some families observing secular traditions like gift-giving and light displays. However, a new tradition has emerged on Christmas day in recent years – a festive feast of take-out fried chicken!

A clean sweep

In Norway, many people hide their brooms in the safest place in the house on Christmas Eve. This tradition dates back centuries to when people believed that witches came out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on.

Blades of glory

In Caracas, Venezuela, the city’s residents head to church in the early morning – on roller skates! This unique tradition has become so popular that roads across the city are closed on Christmas so that people can skate to church in safety.

Light up your life

In Colombia, the start of the Christmas season is marked with Día de las Velitas, Little Candles’ Day. In honour of the Virgin Mary, people place candles and paper lanterns in their front gardens, balconies and windows. This tradition has grown over the years, and entire towns are now lit up with elaborate lighting displays.

All about the almond

A traditional Christmas morning breakfast for Finish families is a porridge made of rice and milk topped with butter and cinnamon. There’s one almond added to the porridge, and whoever finds it wins!

Merry at midnight

Portuguese and Brazilian families celebrate with a late dinner on Christmas Eve. As the clock strikes midnight, the exchange gifts and Christmas greetings before going to Midnight Mass. Here, they meet with neighbours and friends to wish them well for the holiday season. The service is often followed by a fireworks display in the town square.

Does your family have any unique traditions? We’d love to hear about them on our Facebook page. The best story posted before 29 February 2020 wins a 500 Education Time Point (1 ETP = R1; 500 ETPs = R500!) bursary boost! T’s & C’s apply.

However your family may celebrate the season (or even if you don’t at all), we’re bringing some festive bursary builders your way! Toys, chocolates and pampering treats are part of many South African families’ festive traditions… here’s where to find them:

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