Summer Sun Care Tips for Parents

Summer sun care tips for parents

According to CANSA, skin cancer is the most common cancer in South Africa, claiming about 700 lives every year.

But summer days are all about having fun in the sun, so how do we keep our kids safe when all they want to do is play outside all day? In this blog post, we’ll provide some important summer sun care tips for parents. 

Firstly, some facts about your skin and the sun: 

  • Those with fair skin and freckles are most at risk
  • People with albinism also need to take special care when outdoors 
  • However, anyone can get skin cancer
  • There’s a common misconception that those with darker skin aren’t at risk, but this isn’t the case
  • Sunburn can occur within fifteen minutes
  • Sun damage caused is irreversible, permanent, and adds up with each exposure to the sun
  • Babies younger than a year should never be exposed to direct sunlight

Why is it essential to protect our children from the sun?

CANSA says that two blistering burns before the age of 18 can dramatically increase the risk of getting skin cancer later in life. Younger children are also not always conscious of the amount of time they’re spending in the sun and when they are getting burnt, so it’s up to parents to make sure that they aren’t being over-exposed. 

Remember, make every day a sun safe day

The sun isn’t only dangerous in summer or on a hot day. Sometimes overcast days can result in even worse sunburns as people tend to take fewer protective measures.

Tip #1 Stay out of the sun 

Particularly on hot, sunny days, have your children stay out of direct sunlight between the hottest times of the day (10 am and 3 pm). Of course, they’ll probably still want to play outside and enjoy the lovely weather, so… 

Tip # 2 Use an effective sunscreen

  • Look for the CANSA Seal of Recognition logo on approved sunscreen products.
  • The sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 20 – 50 (SPF 30 – 50 for fair skins).
  • Check the expiry date, and don’t use a product that has expired. 
  • Most suncare brands offer a kids range that’s easy to apply and suitable for sensitive skin.

Tip #3 Apply sunscreen correctly

  • Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outside.
  • Re-apply at least every two hours.
  • Re-apply after towel drying, perspiring or swimming.
  • Be sure to cover all exposed areas (don’t forget the ears!).

Tip #4 Wear protective clothing

When it comes to sun protection for kids, the most effective method is getting them the right gear. 

  • A thickly-woven fabric hat with a wide brim rather than a cap. Make sure that it has a tie that you can use to fasten securely and keep the hat on while your child is active. 
  • Sunglasses with a UV protection rating of UV400. 
  • Long-sleeve or half-body swimsuits or rash vests. 

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